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Ask the Experts is a series that provides our Ambassadors, specially selected children in our program, with the opportunity to engage with people who are successful in their careers.

Instagram Post - Pamper Indulge Give (Website) (3).png

We know that positive representation is very important in our community and children aspire to be who and what they see on various media platforms, as well as what they experience in their everyday life. However, some children we work with have not had these opportunities. Ask The Experts shows the children that with hard work and determination their opportunities are limitless. We provide the children with the support that they may need to achieve their goals. We offer them role models and someone that looks like them or has grown up where they live, in an effort to make them believe in themselves. This builds their confidence in the possibility that one day they will achieve greatness too.


Representation matters.

Ask The Experts



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