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Meet our Ambassadors, Amirah-Renae age 8, Jack and Jameila who are 9 years old.

Happy Children

Let us introduce you to our Ambassadors.

Jack is an enthusiastic and smart young boy and he loves his family. When Jack grows up he wants to be an heart surgeon. 

Amirah-Renae is our youngest Ambassador in the young but she is full of laughs and always making us feel good about ourselves. She loves painting and dancing. She wants to be a gymnast when she is older.

Jameila is our Ambassador that has done must of our projects from when we have started and we have seen her grow into beautiful young girl. Since this programme she has been inspired and wants to become a pilot. 

If you want your children to get involved and be an Ambassador for us please send click the link below to get the form. 

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